Time Management

Temps150x150Time management is an essential part of project management, as it allows the tracking of tasks and overall project progress. Time tables and Gantt charts are some of the most popular expressions of project time management.

Information overload (also known as infobesity or infoxication) refers to cognitive difficulties due to the presence of too much information.

In today's society, day-to-day activities increasingly involve the technological world where Information technology exacerbates the number of interruptions that occur in the work environment. There has been a study from 1997 that found 50% of management in Fortune 1000 companies were disrupted more than six times an hour by emails they were receiving. Being compared to this decade's use of the Internet, management are commonly more disrupted which leads to more interruptions on their decision making and result in more poor quality made decisions. (Wikipedia) To learn more:

"The Risks of Infotoxication"
Interview with Sacha Goldman for Transversales, Science Culture no.1, May 2002. Accelerating technological progress produces vasts amounts of information that run the risk of creating mental pollution. This phenomenon is also giving rise to a “global brain” with ever increasing connectivity. It is important to know how to break away from this “mental matrix” and learn how to manage one’s “time capital”.

"Temps fractal et capital temps : de nouvelles manières de vivre le temps"
“Temps et Mondialisation” ISST-AFAS Conference, Palais de la Découverte, Paris, November 5, 1999.