Service Offerings

1. Speech and Q&A by Joël de Rosnay 

One hour speech followed by 20-30mn Q&A. Includes 20 to 40 slide presentation.

2. Corporate Seminar
45 min lunch seminar, including:

- Report on the latest technological developments in your target market
- Competitive analysis
- Targeted industry research

All documents and findings delivered at the seminar, including a list of online resources (web, CD or flash drive delivery).

3. Digital Di@logues
Stimulating Fresh Ideas Held at your place of business, two well-known experts will conduct an hour-long debate on today’s hottest business topics. This is followed by a 30mn Q&A. The entire event is filmed, photographed and streamed live over your corporate intranet. Download the brochure.

4. Breakfast or Luncheon Debates

5. Technology Monitoring and Trend Forecasting 

6. Online, Social Media and Search Engine Training

7. Time and Information Management Training

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